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Welcome to Padsmore! - The Special Suction and Tools ...
The suction pads for all CNC machines
The track pads, pressure rollers and buffing pads for all edgebanders
Plus accessories for panel saws etc

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Since 2002, Padsmore has been proudly serving woodworking industries across Canada, the United States, South America, Asia, and Europe.
Padsmore is a company with focus on providing woodworking industries with uniqe products and services. We recognize that many of our best products and ideas coming from you, our valued customers. And we encourage you to pass along any comments on additional products or services you would like to see.
If you share our goal and would like to invest in Padsmore, we invite you to contact us by dropping us a email or call us directly.
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Padsmore Story 我们的故事
Since 2002, when Padsmore started originally as "4D Cadmanning Multiservices" as an engineering company by Gerald J Yuan, the early self-employed entrepreneur working at a local office furniture manufacturer and found the problem with the supply of the suction pads for his Biesse Rover 321. It is where the stories begin and the unique suction products formed into a business idea. After decades of  designing, testing,marketting and feedback by customers, Padsmore was incorporated in 2014 and now carries more mature series of products, ranging from suction pads, suction blocks, toolholders for CNC machines to the accessories for edgebanders and saws ....
As independent specialists in the design of woodworking tools, we have worked closely with our customers during these years, which has enabled us to not only improve product quality but also create and customize new and better designs. Padsmore brings a singular focus to each and every assignment. This hands-on, personalized approach enables us to develop, innovate, and customize cost-effective solutions to meet our customer's specific requirements - the solutions which directly reflect your goals and philosophy.
We have expanded our product lines from suction products to other tools and accessories for CNC machines, edgebanders, panel saws, and many other products available. The links in menu will provide more detailed information on each of our tools, accessory, and services.